Stephanie Heit

Equinox Release: The Color She Gave Gravity


Equinox Greetings,

On this axis of equal day/night, I celebrate the release of my debut poetry collection, The Color She Gave Gravity (The Operating System). From this place of equilibrium, this collection launches into light/dark defying external season, governed by internal tides. A manuscript that threatened to come out posthumously, this particular book is about survival, not in content, but in its existence in the world and my existence alongside it. I’m incredibly grateful to be here and to share this work with you.

Deep thanks to the many people who supported The Color She Gave Gravity’s creation. My hope is that it will open spaces for exchange around queerness, neurodiversity and mental health difference, especially in these dire times.

Invitation / Incantation: Open the spine and read its nerve center. Come into the magnet of its compass. Tilt your gravity – make true north false. Write notes in the margins, circle words. Step inside a poem and have your skin temperature shift. Walk or wheel your usual route with a piece swaying your hips. I want this book to live inside your body and to change and be changed by you. I want this book to make its own weather and supply umbrellas.

With gratitude and wishes for resilience and heart
as you tilt toward or away from the sun.

“…a breathtaking (which is to say, life-giving) book that both stills and energizes by breaking and reforming the unseen bonds of DNA, language, geography, and history.”
-TC Tolbert

“…a deeply engaging articulation of the interplay between mental illness and the creative instinct, history and destiny, and limitation and willful boundary.”
-Airea D. Matthews

“These poems enact one of our most potent human gifts: our ability to find ourselves — tumbling, falling down, standing up — in proprioceptive relation to everything in our earthly realm.”
-Eleni Sikelianos

“…a sonorous force field calling on tenderness, care, vigilance and abandon… imparting and dispelling the inexplicable along peripheries and in intimately centered frames of movement: gorgeously evocative and intensely realized capacious psychic flows.”
-Brenda Iijima

Available through Small Press DistributionThe Operating System and Amazon 
Review in Entropy by Andrew F. Giles
Book excerpt and process conversation with Lynne DeSilva-Johnson at The Operating System.
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